Team coaching

Team coaching

Support the achievement of goals business and relationship teams

If your company or selected teams face specific strategic challenges, take advantage of effective team coaching solutions. It will help the team reinforce certain values, develop relationships toward cooperation and accountability, and improve company processes.

Build a high-functioning team

Do you want to improve team synergy and build relationships that will help you realize the potential of all your employees?

Are you going through a change process with your team and want it to go the right way?

Do you see a need to appreciate the people who make up the team for what they bring to it and to support them in their continued individual development?

Are you committed to strengthening commitment and shared responsibility among your employees?

Do you think your team should make better quality decisions more efficiently as a result of skillful discussions and the search for innovative solutions?

Do you notice challenges and problems in your team that need intervention?

Take advantage of solutions, that will strengthen your team

The scenario of the development program is determined individually with the group’s needs and goals in mind, so that it supports the desired change. It is divided into three phases: preparation, implementation and conclusion.



Observation of the team to gather material for the group session.

Diagnosis of the syndrome

Diagnosis with the recommended Team Online Assessment tool to determine the level of maturity of the team and its functioning.


The schedule of meetings takes into account all the needs of those participating in the program: strategy session with the Change Leader, opening discussions with team members, workshop sessions, debrief, follow-up sessions.


Workshop sessions in the form of a debate with participants on topics such as. issues:

  • Communication toxins according to John Gottman
  • Highly functioning teams according to Patrick Lencioni’s model
  • Intentions and beliefs in relationships according to the OK/OK model (transactional analysis)
  • Feedback and feedforward in building trust in the team.
  • Golden Rules in the team

Work methods

The form of work is adjusted each time to the specifics of the team, its needs and the objectives of the meeting: knowledge pills, workshop work, individual and team self-reflection, feedback, formulation of action plans and commitments.


Summary of activities and recommendations for further work.

Build strong team

Manage masterfully!

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