First Time Manager Program

First Time Manager Program

Face the challenges in the new role of the manager

Effective management of a desktop or remote team requires a number of competencies that should be continuously developed. To be successful in your new role, develop your self-awareness. With this approach, you will learn about your strengths, avoid typical managerial mistakes and build a strong, positive and healthy relationship with your team.

Strengthen your competence and face challenges with courage

Are you facing a promotion and lack confidence that you will prove yourself in your new role?

Do you need Gain confidence and develop soft managerial skills while meeting KPIs?

Do you want to increase your team’s effectiveness and use communication to enhance autonomy, sense of competence and meaning among your employees?

Are you committed to building confidence in yourself and becoming a respected leader?

Effectively manage your team and successfully build your leadership authority

With the First Time Manager program, you will develop managerial competencies to successfully manage employees. You will receive a set of useful tools and tips to help you build a strong and resilient, yet close-knit team.


4 workshops conducted by trainers and business practitioners in groups of max. 16 people in an online or in-person format.

Intense course

A variety of formats to increase participant engagement using real-life situations, in-depth self-reflection and an online simulation game.

Practical tools

Access to materials you can always come back to: website, knowledge pills, videos.

Pre and post bags

Pre- and post-workshop tasks to test new management tools.

Action Learning

Group sessions that allow for individual dilemmas and experiential learning.


Additional practical workshops on. authority building leader and remote management.

Thanks to the First Time Manager training, it was easier for me to face promotion to a managerial position. Being a specialist, an engineer, I had to acquire the competencies necessary to lead a team. This knowledge, so effectively assimilated, I would not have gained from books.

Daniel Królikowski, Prepaid Systems and Mediation Team Manager at Play

Gain new skills and enter without any problem in a new role

Manage masterfully!

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