Participatory leadership

Build effective team and be a successful leader

If you want to create winning teams today, focus on building positive employee experiences. Refine your management style and harness the power of participatory leadership. Choose trust and shared responsibility, and your team will gain strength and motivation for action.

Be the boss your employees need today

Do you want to share responsibility and decision-making with your employees?

Need to bring out the potential in your team and build confidence in yourself and your company?

Do you lack a map to keep your best employees in your company?

Do you have a new project to complete, a managerial promotion pending, or want to develop your management style?

Match your management style to the needs of today's job market

The participative leadership program will allow you to develop the skills you need today to create an effective and satisfied team of responsible employees.


Two days of workshops in the form according to your wishes – online or in person. Classes are conducted in groups of 8-16 people by experienced trainers and business coaches.

Active course

Maximize the use of time in an engaging format: real-life situations, no role-playing, in-depth self-reflection, and a simulation game to train communication skills.

Practical tools

Access to materials you can always return to: website, knowledge pills, videos, and learning support tasks to complete before and after the program.



Individual development planning.

Action Learning


Work on real challenges and develop solutions through the collective wisdom of the group and the facilitator.

Coaching duty


Discuss topics that are difficult to address in the group.

Enrich your management style with new skills and become a participatory leader

Manage masterfully!

Get back to us or leave your information so we can contact you. We’ll talk about your challenges and goals, so we can optimally tailor our proposal to your needs.

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