Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We will show you how to implement inclusiveness and diversity In the organization that will become a source of your advantage

We go beyond theory and show how to put DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) principles into practice in an organization. With products tailored to the stage of implementation, we give HR departments and managers the tools to turn the idea of inclusivity into real value for the company and its employees.

The topic of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging is increasingly coming up in inquiries to us from companies of all sizes, not just multinational corporations. It turns out that managers can't cope with diversity and don't know how to respond to it. Our role is to help others find their way in the new world. In our programs, we help you see what kind of glasses you put on and in what situations, and show you how to deal with your own and others' beliefs and behaviors.

Anna Pyrek, CEO

We respond to specific business challenges

Our proprietary development programs help you and your company meet the challenges of today’s job market. Inclusivity is now a fundamental element of an organization’s culture. We show how to meet these expectations.

We offer support to companies at various levels: from boards of directors to lower-level employees. The goal of these activities is to realistically, efficiently and effectively implement DEIB principles in companies.

We base our knowledge on current trends and research, as well as years of experience working with companies of all sizes.

Educational modules available

Inclusivity starter

  • For HR departments and decision makers
  • introduction to DEI
  • Practical tips on how to introduce DEI into an organization

Practice inclusivity on a daily basis

  • 4-hour training
  • for employees at all levels
  • discussion of the practical dimension of DEIB in the company – impact on daily work, supportive communication, acting in accordance with the rules

Implementation of inclusivity in the organization

Scenariusz projektowy
  • project carried out in cooperation with the company’s employees
  • conducted by experienced experts
  • Analysis of the organization and preparation of the implementation course aimed at creating an inclusive work environment

Our approach

We impart knowledge in line with the latest trends. As a result, it takes into account the needs and expectations of the participants. We use attractive formats because we are committed to building engagement, which greatly enhances the learning process.

Long-term benefits

We teach how to build trust towards a brand – both internally and externally. Together, we are exploring the benefits of DEI practices in building a culture of openness and diversity. We encourage the hiring of people from different groups and the appreciation of employees. This allows for increased engagement within the organization.

Practical dimension

We help reduce employee turnover by listening to their needs. We show how to increase their sense of empowerment. Using concrete examples, we visualize what steps to start implementing DEI and how to popularize these practices among executives.

Best benchmarks

We prepare development programs specifically for managers and employees from the HR community. We use specific benchmarks – Polish and global. Participants gain practical knowledge of current trends and best practices in diversity implementation in a short period of time.


Regardless of the stationary or online formula, we rely on attractive learning methods, such as modules lasting several hours, group work, Q&A sessions and knowledge pills.

Create atmosphere and processes, that foster commitment and efficiency

Manage masterfully!

Get back to us or leave your information so we can contact you. We’ll talk about your challenges and goals, so we can optimally tailor our proposal to your needs.

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