Professional Mentoring Education Program

Professional Mentoring Education Program

Gain competence and become qualified mentor

If you want to develop in the field of mentoring, approach this task professionally. Familiarize yourself with the methods of working with customers and the responsibilities you have in this relationship. Gain the necessary experience that will allow you to support the development of your employees, create mentoring programs in the company or mentor professionally.

Prepare to be a professional mentor

Are you thinking about expanding your competencies or changing your career path and are anxious to gain the necessary skills in the area of mentoring?

Do you need Bring out the potential in your team and build confidence in yourself and your company?

Are you committed to successfully implementing mentoring programs in your organization?

Want to prepare for accreditation and get the necessary documents and experience?

Get knowledge and experience in mentoring work

Through the Professional Mentoring Education program, you will gain the fundamental, proven and necessary knowledge for mentoring work. You will learn what the idea of the method itself is, learn about the mentoring process and gain competence
enabling the creation of effective mentoring programs in organizations.


More than 150 hours of classroom instruction. Classes are conducted in groups of up to 12 individuals by practitioners – mentors with many years of diverse business experience.

Active course

Intensive class formula that maximizes practice time. Meritory of classes using experience from more than 70 editions of mentoring programs.

Practical tools

Access to up-to-date and proven knowledge based on European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) global standards.

Practical experience

Participate in community programs that will enable you to gain your first experience in professional mentoring.

Mentor support

Access to individual meta-mentoring, supervision and tutor care.

Step to accreditation

Ability to apply for EMCC accreditation (first edition of the program) confirmed by the experience gained and the required documents.

With nearly 20 years of professional, leadership experience, primarily associated with large organizations, I wondered what my next career move should be. Thanks to the cooperation with Kingmakers, I found completely new paths, and one of them is business mentoring. I can share my knowledge and experience, and at the same time I learn a lot about Generation Y or Z's approach to the world. As a result, I am able to generate business value in a whole new way, and at the same time I feel great satisfaction from working with my mentoring clients.

Piotr Jankowski, former Managing Director of Fujitsu,
John Alex owner, Coaching, Mentoring, Business Consulting

Develop your potential


PLN 13,200

gross / person

Become a professional mentor or mentee!

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