We support companies and professionals in reaching their full potential by sharing knowledge and skills

We have the knowledge and experience to bring out and effectively use the potential that lies in people.
We have conducted more than 70 editions of mentoring programs and educated thousands of mentors and mentees in Poland and around the world.
We have a wide range of tools to build mentors. We support them in this process by providing insightful expertise and building their professional image.

The use of mentoring today is no longer a question of whether it is worth it, but when and how it should be implemented. This applies to both organizations and individuals - mentors and mentored. Being able to share knowledge and experience, pass on best practices, point the way and find solutions together is the most developing form of bringing out the potential in people.

Szymon Herbeć, Board Member of Kingmakers

We respond to specific development needs

We take an individual approach to cooperation. We focus on specific needs and look for the best solutions for program and organizational stakeholders. We initiate mentoring programs and advise at every stage of the process. We serve with expertise, an outside view and a great sense of needs.

Our approach

We base our professional practice on years of global experience and the highest EMCC standards guaranteeing the safety of every party in the process. We work with the most up-to-date knowledge and proprietary methods. We take a long-term view, advising tailored solutions.


We have been involved in mentoring for more than 11 years. During this time, we have implemented more than 70 editions of mentoring programs.


We act with great sensitivity, attentiveness and thorough analysis of the situation. Our mentoring consultants and teachers are practitioners with years of experience in business.

Enduring relationships

We implement long-term programs with a focus on achieving planned results. We are present from the pre-project phase to supporting the organization after the project is completed.

Highest standards

We operate according to EMCC standards, which means taking full care of the process.

360 Support

We offer full support in the implementation of mentoring programs. We are involved not only in education, but also in planning, communication within the organization and ensuring the safety of all parties.

Community involvement

We are involved in projects that support the promotion of mentoring, coaching and the needs of selected communities.

Involved in community projects

We are happy to participate in national and international social programs aimed at mentoring education and implementing activities to support the development of specific groups. We engage in these types of initiatives with a belief in the importance of spreading awareness of mentoring on a large scale while supporting the community.

Share your experience masterfully!

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