Corporate mentoring programs

Corporate mentoring programs

Support employee development through mutual knowledge transfer

Create a growth strategy for your organization based on knowledge transfer to the next generation and mutual learning. Take advantage of the potential of experienced employees with years of experience and experts with knowledge that cannot be found in books or training courses.

Tear down corporate silos and bet on synergistic collaboration

Do you realize that your company needs to breathe new energy, better collaboration, more openness and strengthen employee engagement at all levels?

Do you see the potential of employees – those who have and would like to share their professional experience and those who are willing to take it?

Do you want valuable knowledge to remain in the organization and be systematically passed on to the next generation?

Do you think past training and talent programs could have had better results?

Looking for effective and financially optimized development programs?

Do you want to improve employee experience and corporate image?

Initiate mentoring program in your company

Choose a mentoring program tailored to your organization’s needs and capabilities. Get advice and support from a team of professional mentors and consultants who will help you create and then successfully run the initiative.

Development mentoring

  • A long-term process, usually involving 6-8 sessions
  • Supports leadership and business development through regular mentee work with someone who has had analogous developmental breakthroughs and challenges
  • It is based on a deep and open relationship
  • Enables development of potential, career path

Expert mentoring (individual or group)

  • Build well-defined competencies with the support of a domain expert
  • Implementation of methodologies and tools
  • Allows mentors to work without revealing themselves too much to the mentee

Managerial mentoring

  • Sharing knowledge and experience in a professional manner within their role
  • Introduction of modern management methods now expected by subordinates

Succession mentoring

  • Preparation of high-potential individuals for succession to key positions (strategic, management)
  • Long-term process including leadership development, business awareness and personal brand in business

Peer mentoring

  • Knowledge transfer and exchange of perspectives among different generational, gender or position groups in the organization
  • Frequent topics: values, needs, work tools, technology, understanding the modern world
  • Building a personal brand, mutual exposure and bringing groups together
  • Changing organizational culture

Reverse mentoring

  • A method to make the voice of younger generations heard, support creativity, innovation and employee engagement
  • Knowledge transfer and understanding of the perspective of those at lower levels in the organization’s structures
  • Changing organizational culture
  • Building a personal brand

Enhance the foundations of your business and develop its potential

Manage masterfully!

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