We support leaders in their personal development to create innovative, people friendly and goals-oriented organizations. We peddle participatory, authentic, based on trust, collaboration and responsibility leadership model.

Personal leadership development scenario

Working together we will discover your uniqe leadership style, abilities, talents and strenghts. We will measure them using scientific and reliable methods like psychometrics tools, assesment tasks and questionnares. Then, You decide what You want to improve or change and we will co-design with You some options to achieve your personal and business goals in the most effective way. Kingmakers will support You on each step of your transformation journey.

Team leadership
development scenario

Trough deep diagnose of human potential and business needs we co-design team leadership development scenario for Board Members to help them with implementation strategic visions and plans. We use dedicated tools and efficacious methods like executives coaching, Leadership Pipeline, strategic business innovation workshops, action learning educational processes and group facilitation. We will work side by side and make things more simple to stay focus on core business transforming destination.

Education of the future competence

We educate leaders to rise their competence and improve their confidence. We conform our educational programs to personal preferences, expected achievements and business purpose. We use interactive, engaging  methods and technics, proven by up-to-date academic papers and international business practices. Our trainers are not only experts in teaching but also we take care to have trainers with business experience. We constantly enhance our expertise trough Train The Trainers programme.