We are the craftsmen of Your greatness

Our team is here to help you become the best version of you. We will accompany you in your transformation. We will support you, show you different paths to your realisation and give you practical tools and techniques to use along the way. The choice of a path you will walk is up to you.

What we do?



Leadership is a king’s craft. Working together we design and implement personalised development scenarios. Through supporting you we help building innovative organisations that are being well managed. We select techniques, tools and methods which are simple and efficient. We value you – your talents, your strengths and everything that makes you unique. On the grounds of them we propose specially selected ways of using them to boost your leadership style.

Rise to the challenge.



Kingmakers™ Mentoring is a unique way to put in motion hidden personnel’s knowledge, potential and experience in your organization. It’s about discovering new sources of strengths and possibilities as well as new ways of using them through a Mentor – Mentee relationship. We diagnose, advise, give new tools and educate all people taking part in the process. Our purpose is to make people stronger in terms of content and relationships.

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Kingmakers™ Coaching is a precisely thought out conversation with a set business goal and a clear, efficient structure. A conversation which enriches you, helps you to see yourself, situation and its context from different angles. A conversation which pushes you towards new ways of thinking and seeking new solutions. We conduct executives and managers individual and group coaching, help with implementing coaching in companies to realise leadership potential in organisations.

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