Who we are?

What defines us?

Coherence and authenticity


Kingmakers only say and do things that we believe in and know how to do it well. We treat ourselves as we treat our Clients – with respect, an open mind and an open heart. We are ready to innovate, seeking and testing new ideas, opinions and solutions while remaining at peace with our values.

People are paramout


Kingmakers are fascinated by people. You may think that it’s soft skill but for us is a crafting based on logical structure, practical tools and efficient methods. We support leadership development, implement mentoring programmes and conduct coaching because these methods help the people, their personal growth and their greatness.

Efficient partnership


Kingmakers value each participant as a co-owner and co-creator of a process we conduct. This means setting goals and priorities together. We are looking for solutions which provide benefits both for the people and business. We don’t impose ready-made remedy, we craft them individually with respect for diversity, personal and organizational needs.

How we work?



Leadership, coaching and mentoring are what we consider “royal crafts”. We disenchant myth and stereotypes about “innate competence” or “a mystic power of coaching”. We prove that anyone can conduct good conversations, meeting and build lasting bonds with people while using their unique leadership style and constantly developing their skills.



We believe in simple and efficient solutions. We only teach what is needed, up to date and possible to implement. We favour practical tools. We recommend only those techniques and methods which we know will have an effect. We support our clients decision process, present different options while respecting our clients’ freedom of choice.



We craft Queens and Kings using the synergy of contemporary, scientifically backed knowledge, best business practices and our authorial leadership development methods. We utilise accredited tools from psychometric, business psychology and management like: D3, FACET 5, Gallup Strenghtsfinder, Leadership Pipeline etc.

Supporting the process


We know how much effort a process of change or personal growth takes. Which is why every participant of our processes gets dedicated support from a designated member of our team. We provide safety and constant evaluation over the course of our cooperation. We monitor efficacy and efficiency of our liaison.

Diverse practitioners


Our team consists of practitioners of certain techniques, tools and methods witch evolved through work in business and for business. We can manage diversity in our team learn from each other and appreciate different talents and styles of work. We encourage our clients to do the same.

Humour and optimism


In this team we take the rule “don’t take yourself too seriously” very seriously. We try to talk about important matters without needless bombast. Yes, for us the glass is always half-full and work really can be a pleasure.