Stages of the development process

Supporting the development process requires the Career Coach to have a certain map, which allows him/her to look at individual stages of a career from different perspectives and not only his/her personal experiences. One of the most commonly used leadership development models is the Leadership Pipeline featured in the 2011 book by Charan Ram titled “Leadership Pipeline. How to Build the Leadership Powered Company”.

1. Every organization has a natural hierarchy and transitioning from one level to the next requires the leader to make significant changes we call breakthroughts („What led you to this place may not be enough and harm you in the next.”)

2. Each leadership career breakthrough requires making changes on 3 levels:

  • Skills (what? How?)
  • Approach to time (which perspective?)
  • Priorities – values (what is most important?)

3. Breakthroughs require the leader to not only develop towards “the new” but also leave behind things which previously led him/her to success but will cease to be helpful at the next level.

Materials to download

Exploring beliefs

Closing the process

Presentation after 4th module

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