Conversation about reality

We present you with another example of a developmental conversation.

Regardless of the meeting’s topic, the following premises are key:
  • Each stage takes follows a specific order.
  • Each stage is conducted according to the YOU-WE-ME model.
  • Strengthening the Coachee is an integral element at every stage of the conversation.
The conversation about reality from the “YOU” perspective:

Ask the Coachee what his/her task/goal/project was about (2 sentences).

  • At which stage of achieving the goal are you?
  • What do you know about the current situation? What works? What doesn’t?
  • What don’t you understand? What don’t you know?
  • What motivates you? How are you coping with it?
  • How do others rate this stage? How others see you?
  • What is your zone of influence? How does it influence achieving the goal?
  • How do you rate your competences? What are you proud of?
  • What needs attention?
  • In which aspect are you too active and in which not active enough?
  • What else?
Conversation about reality from the “WE” and “ME” perspectives:

Diagnosis of the situation:

At this stage, share your understanding of the situation with the Coachee.
Highlight the most important elements, critical resources, risks. Provide only meaningful information.
Always ask how Your opinion fits into the reality of the interlocutor (WE).

Actualization of a person:

Prepare observations and information from various sources.
Before you go through them always ask the interlocutor for their interpretation first (WE).
In the next step share your conclusions and ask for self-assessment (WE).
Provide your feedback / assessment if it differs from the self-assessment. Remember the 5:1 ratio.

Standardization / making a reference to standard and practices:

Compare the situation, stage, level of competence to standards and needs (YOU).
Use examples, reference similar situations (YOU).

Review and commitment:

Review of the session is a way to slow down, deepen the reflection process and help formulate the conclusions arising from the thought process of the Coachee (YOU) or the input of the Coach (ME). It should deepen the learning process in three perspectives (person, task, business environment with stakeholders). Start with YOU, then share your conclusions.

Commitment is the stage of the conversation at which we expect specific declarations regarding the continuation of work on the topic through actions, gathering feedback, or data analysis and self-reflection. It mobilizes to act in-between meetings, to make a real change in attitude and development. You can add your own propositions on acting.

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Conversation about reality

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